We’re extremely fortunate and excited that the county and city have approved us to host events. While our professionalism, respect, and timeliness will not change. These DTB events will be a little different during these Covid times. 

Changes are listed below: 

  • Players must bring their own ball. We will not be renting balls but we will have balls you can purchase.
  • No plastic water bottles on the beach or near court side. Please take advantage of our water monster refill station. The water monster will be under the registration tent and one of the crew members will be more than happy to refill your bottle.
  • Open teams checkin will be at the registration tent.
  • All other Saturday divisions will have the ability to check in on their phone as well as submit their game scores as well.
  • Sanitation stations will be around the beach
  • Players tents, that we provide, will be 10’ apart. 
  • Adult beverages will not be provided this year. Please bring your own cooler and don’t forget to recycle.
  • Temperature check is required once you step on the beach.
  • Covid waiver must be signed with online registration.
  • Tent rentals are still active but must be paid online prior to event. Please email diogo@exclusivesports.com

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Hope to see you all at both events in November.  

New Registration System Important Information:

You must use a unique email address for each player. Email address is linked to player information for future registrations. If you re-use an email address for a different player you will over-write original player information
*If you have additional questions please feel free to contact Diogo at diogo@exclusivesports.com